Environment: Save it, there’s no other way to save yourself!

Nearly 160 years ago, the ‘monster’ began; this land had become a place for industries. Factories grew on the landscape like weeds. Trees fell; fields were ended up, rivers blackened. The sky choked on smoke and ash, and the people did too, spending their days coughing and itching. Villages grew into towns, towns into cities; and people began to live on the earth rather than living within it.”

You surely would have recognised this monster, have you?

Yes, I’m talking about Pollution.

No doubt pollution has been increasing at a rapid rate, beating the rate of increase in world population. According to World Health Organisation, Zabol in Iran is the most polluted city in the world. The people there literally breath poison instead of air.

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have turned into Global Garbage Cans. No wonder, Cape Town is already running out of water. The day is not far away when people there will have to stand in line, surrounded by armed guards, to collect rations of the region’s most precious commodity: Drinking Water.

The culprit behind this entire problem is non other than Environmental Pollution. Not surprisingly, it is very difficult to pinpoint one villain responsible for this mess.

One of the reasons is increasing population. People say you are one in a million but they don’t know that being one in a million means that there are 7000 more people in the world, just like you!

This shows the World population which is 7 billion and still rising!

How do you expect nature to satisfy the needs of this large population? Its been rightly said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”

Many people consider travelling in a vehicle rather than walking, even for short distances and so, buy a number of vehicles. These vehicles, along with the industries located all around the world, emit a lot of poisonous gases, giving rise to air pollution.

Environment friendly cars would soon cease to be an option, they’ll become a necessity.

Very ironically, we humans cut the trees, make paper from it, and then write ‘SAVE THE TREES’ on them.

Imagine, if trees gave off Wi- Fi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we would probably save the environment too. Too bad, they only produce the oxygen we breathe!

I find it very funny when I read articles in the newspapers stating that scientists are developing new machines to absorb pollution from the air. These machines are so expensive! Why do they fail to understand that instead of incurring such huge expenses to create new machines, why not use the tried and tested method of planting trees? Trees, our very own Pollution Absorbing Machines!

We have not inherited this planet from our forefathers, but we have borrowed it from our future generations. Are we to leave our children with a scorched planet with advancing desert, dried up rivers and an infertile land with nothing else but factories all around?


Then, why this reckless use of resources? Why? 

Hungry? The Earth will serve. Thirsty? The rivers will water. Do you still want to cut that all?

Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we cannot eat money?

Earth is dying. You and I are its murderers. We are sucking the blood of Mother Earth. Nature has been bearing every torture inflicted upon it by us humans; she is still patient under abuse. But when abuse has gone too far, when the day of reckoning finally comes,  humanity will come to an end.

Yes, we are Murderers!


Because human malpractices and exploitation have brought many animal species to the brink of extinction.

Next in line for extinction is the human species itself if we don’t cease our malpractices against nature!

We don’t want to limit human existence to textbooks that gather dust over the years, do we?

Its very ironic that scientists have been searching for another planet which can support life instead of trying to save their own planet!

Don’t blow it- good planets are hard to find …..

Some people are already engaged in reducing pollution. They are desperately trying to fight this curse. To rid the world from the yoke of pollution, they put their safety and even their lives on the line. We have chosen to call them the New Freedom Fighters.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. The duty to save our environment is not just mine or yours, but, its OUR’S.

Its high time that we recognise that sitting back and playing blame games is no solution. If we want change, we see a role for ourselves.

Sustainable development is the key- a development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the capability of future generations to meet their own needs.

There should be a check on the increasing carbon content in the air. Afforestation should be followed. Government policies to fight this monster should be followed with full sincerity, like the ODD- EVEN policy implemented in Paris and Delhi. Public awareness about this monster should be created.

Exams can be conducted electronically to avoid usage of paper, thus saving trees. The slogan ‘SAVE THE TREES’ need not be imprinted on paper, but in our minds.

We must avoid wastage of resources.

The preventive steps are many but they are useful only when they are followed. So let us make our contribution to fight pollution. Small measures, taken by every individual on this planet, will indeed have a major effect.

Let us nurture the nature so that we can have a better future!

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