Do we really like people like us?

I had been surfing through the newspaper when I accidentally stumbled across an article ‘We like people like us’. When I read it, the views of the writer hit me like a shock wave. The article strongly stated that human beings are social creatures who like to copy and learn. They like people similar to them, whether in looks or in habits. That is the reason why the famous quote goes, ‘The company you keep propounds your character.” So when you say ‘I like you’, you actually mean ‘I am like you’.

I strongly disagree with it. People don’t like others because they carry the same features as the other person, but they like others because the other person carrys features they look up to. Let me explain the same via an illustration.

You are given a person who’s characterised by adjectives like shy, quiet and introvert just like you, on the other hand, you have a person characterised by words like extrovert, talkative and approachable. Who would you approach first?

The possibilities are that you’ll choose the second person to talk to and will find him/her more likeable even though the first person was more like you.

Reason being, everyone loves a person who’s approachable because that’s a trait they look up to.

So, when you say ‘I like you’, you actually mean ‘I admire certain qualities of yours that I don’t possess.’

Agreed or not?

Comment your thoughts below.

6 thoughts on “Do we really like people like us?

  1. I guess we like people whom we admire and and want to be like. In that situation we like some of our traits and traits that we want to develope in ourselves. And the traits that we have developed. Like if you are a shy person you would like people who are extrovert but if you are smart, intelligent and knowledgeable you would like such wise people to be in your social circle.

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