Another Pandemic?

In this pre-existing pandemic, are we ready for a boost of a second one?

COVID 19, started in the end of 2019, has not yet subsided and here we have another pandemic erupting out – Depression. Beware, the two are equally dangerous!

Is it a side effect of Covid 19? More likely and less surprisingly, yes.

When we talk about Social distancing, the undisputed solution to Covid 19, we are not only maintaining a physical distance, but also welcoming an emotional void.

Those missed hugs and kisses, they were the ones which filled us with warmth, but now that it is almost absent, the emotional connect is left out.

Is it the end of humanity then?

Everyone is busy fighting their own battles, not just against – pandemic, poverty, obsolete traditions or mindsets, or even trade wars – it’s a mix of all these that we are fighting against.

And when you need help fighting your war, it’s you who has to ask for it. No one else knows what you are going through just the way you don’t know what they are going through.

Please know this, you are not a victim of the war, but a warrior. The moment you think of yourself as the victim, is the moment you lose the battle. And I don’t want any of us to lose.

Connect with yourself, connect with others, seek out for help. You surely cannot breach social distancing but the mental distancing, that can be left behind.

It’s your war and you are the warrior, remember that.

5 thoughts on “Another Pandemic?

  1. Very Well written !! In this pandemic situation we need to be strong mentally and physiaclly and fight for our well being and what we are going through. This article is helpful for the one who are battling with themeselves mentally and all other circumstances around them giving them positivity and motivating them to keep their spirit high

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