How ‘not’ to Stress?

What do I do? It’s so stressful!

Have you ever come across a situation where you said:

“These project deadlines stress me out!”

How do I solve this problem? Just thinking about it gives me a stress!”

We all have, right? And some time later when we think back to the time we stressed about a thing that seemed like an elephant, now seems to be an ant in reality. Why does that happen?

That’s because stress undermines our ability to logically think and comprehend situations, hence, only adding to the problem.

But, don’t worry. I’m here with a tip to help you with it.

The things you stress about can be categorised into two:

1) Problems that can be solved by you and no one else.

Then what are you waiting for, solve it and get it done with. Why procrastinate and stress about the deadlines? Just start right away and things will be sorted. And if you feel a little too overwhelmed with stress already taken over your senses, pause and rest for a while. Stop right away and do things that make you happy and come back to the problem after a short break. But when I say ‘short’, I mean short. Because delaying up work will only increase your burden and stress.

2) Problems that can’t be helped with.

If you come across a problem the solution to which isn’t in your hands, why not leave it at that? What’s the use of stressing about a thing that really can’t be helped? Your stress won’t solve it, or will it?

And if it really is very important and urgent, then ask for help. Consult. Afterall, you know that stressing out won’t solve it.

So whenever you feel stress taking over your senses, think things out. Understand and classify the problem in one of the two categories.

And don’t forget, bust stress with a little rest!

3 thoughts on “How ‘not’ to Stress?

  1. Oh so wonderful and logical solutions! Most importantly easy to apply in our lives. And they come at a moment when I needed them the most. Thank you so much for these words of wise and encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s helpful for those who takes a little extra stress of their work and would also relieve them and makes their tasks much easier


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