Chapters of life- do you tear away the bad ones?

Whenever you’re reading a book, there are certain chapters that make you laugh your ass off, some that just bring tears trickling down your cheeks, reading some sends chills down your spine, others that make you cry out in frustration and at least one that causes such tremendous pain to your heart that it’s almost as if someone punched it– gives you a kind of emotional pain that it almost feels physical!

However good or bad the chapters are, whatsoever they make you feel, do you tear them away once you’ve read them? No.

On the contrary, you store those chapters to your memory to reach the book’s end, to read the book as a whole. Why?

Because they contribute towards completing the book. Each and every chapter makes a contribution towards making the book so beautiful with all its ups and downs. Removing even one of them would render the book incomplete, making it lose its meaning.

The same are the chapters of life, a new chapter opens up every single day.

Do you tear away the previous chapter of life just because it was a hard one, the one filled with pain? No. You keep it as an experience for future reference. Removing even one of them would render your life incomplete.

Let me remind you my friend, Life isn’t a fairytale, but you can make it your own story where you play the protagonist.

So, savour every chapter till it lasts and enjoy this book called Life…

You never know when your story may turn into a fairytale, your very own fairytale…

5 thoughts on “Chapters of life- do you tear away the bad ones?

  1. Beautiful!!!!… Your thoughts seeped down the heart… A Book is incomplete without it’s chapters and life looses it’s meaning without it’s ups and downs…. Explicitly divine content👍 great work Divya

    Liked by 1 person

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