How to get over your crush?

I wish I had a magic wand which I could simply wave and make my crush go away- the feeling and not the person of course! But that is not the way how it works.

Endlessly scrolling down your crush’s Instagram profile just to see what they are upto? So satisfying! Right?

Wrong! A total waste of time! Although I am pretty sure that-

First off, you need to know that most of the times, you fall in love with your own feelings and not the individual. Don’t believe me?

When they are not around, you still feel good at a memory or thought of them, why? Because of your own fucked up feelings. Believe me, it’s only your feelings messing up with you.

Remove that oh-so-perfect rose-tinted glasses and you’ll see that they’re only human.

When they take a dump, it smells bad. Who knows they might be picking their nose at the moment that you’re reading this blog. I know, sounds disgusting, right?

My Crush: (Pokes out of the corner) Hey!

Me: (blushing) Heeey!

My Crush: (Reads the last few lines and gets flabbergasted) When did I tell you that I’m perfect? Also, I wasn’t picking my nose! And you’re not supposed to write that I take a dump and that, it smells! (Pouts)

Me: (cringes) But you do, right? Or, are you an alien?

My Crush: Are you batshit crazy?

Me: (whistles innocently) Yeah, for you.

My Crush: (cringes and runs away)

Jokes apart!

How to actually get over your crush?

Talk to them more often, get to know their human side, the one which is definitely not oh-so-perfect!

If this feeling goes away, then congratulations! Unfortunately, if this feeling still stays, then my friend, maybe it’s something more than a crush… Accept it and if possible, just confess!

The fire may be from both sides, the feeling may be mutual, you never know!

All the best for that! 😉

PS- Do let me know if this trick worked for you!

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