What is it like ‘Being single’?

Being single — is just amazeballs!

What I mean is- it’s really amazing!

The Reader *pops out of the corner and asks*– Why?

The Author *overdramatically*– Because humans are just ‘Ewwwwwwwe’!

The Reader *flabbergasted at the response*— But aren’t you a human yourself!

The Author *smiles cheekily, showing all her teeth*– Oh! Don’t you see? I am a Unicorn! *Flies away with her unicorn powers*

Just kidding! *Makes an innocent cute face that you just can’t ignore*

Jokes apart. Here is why being single is awesome-

  1. You can talk to yourself more often which gives you clarity on what direction your thoughts are heading to. (Believe me when I say- what you think is what you become.)
  2. You can always have your ‘Me time’.
  3. You can focus on personal development- physical, mental, career and professional.
  4. You learn to enjoy your own company- and that’s the best part.

Moreover, a relationship brings with it the responsibility of making yourself, and your partner feel good, love each other unconditionally, growing together. But what is the sense of a relationship when you yourself don’t feel good, when you don’t love yourself unconditionally?

Start to love yourself first, grow- in all aspects of life. Develop a healthy and happy bond with yourself.

You are your own priority, remember that.

PS- The author is clearly not against relationships, but she considers ‘her relationship with herself’ to be far more important than any other relationship.

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