The law of attraction? Get over yourself already!

The law of attraction (and an overly optimistic person) states that the universe conspires and aligns itself to grant you whatsoever you want. It favours an individual with strong visualisation power.

On the contrary, some people believe that the universe conspires against them, places hurdles in their way and prevents them from getting what they want.

Is that really true?

Well, bullshit!

Honestly, get over yourself!

The universe is so huge and you are just a tiny fragment of its creation- how do you expect the universe to favour or go against you?

It might be purely indifferent towards your existence!

Harsh, but true.

Realise the fact. Feel the universe’s indifference towards you, and make this knowledge work in your favour.

How? Well, here’s how-

No. 1

Realise the fact that the universe won’t align itself to get you a job, a perfect date or a good life.

That shit requires ACTION! So, take action!

No. 2

If you royally fuck things up for yourself, it might seem huge! A big mistake to you! But your fuck up might just be insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Remember, the universe doesn’t give a fuck to your fucks!

So get your ass off the couch and the fear of fucking up out of your system because guess what, no one cares, not even the universe! (Unless you’re that guy who’s pure evil and wishes to blow up the entire planet using an atom bomb. Then, I don’t know about the universe, but the President and the armed forces would definitely care.)

No. 3

Get over yourself! I mean it!

Realise the fact that you aren’t any special than the others just because you were born as a human being onto this planet called Earth.

But the one thing that can make you special- are your actions.

Act accordingly.

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