Cliché? Yes! But Consistency is the key!

Lets face a fact- Life doesn’t hand out participation certificates.

Winners are rewarded, losers are punished; and the people in between, well they aren’t entitled to a reward just because they participated in the race!

So how are you supposed to ensure that you’re amongst the winners?

However cliché this sounds, but Consistency is the key!

A marathon runner isn’t prepared by a day’s practice! It takes days, months and even years! It’s not a sprint afterall!

Similarly, winners at life are not the result of a coincidence! It’s years of hard work. Purely – Blood, Sweat and Tears! (Woohoo! BTS fans!)

And all that hard work not just for a day or two, but for years!

The key word here, Consistency!

Guess what, consistency is a common thing between the winners and losers.

Winners are consistent with work and action, while losers are consistent with being lazy!

So choose now, are you a winner or a loser?

Are you consistent in taking the correct actions?

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